Tanning in the Cowichan Valley. Get that year round golden tan. Best tanning beds in Duncan, Cobble Hill and the Cowichan Valley

Tanning Beds: Duncan, Cobble Hill, and the Cowichan Valley

Use our tanning beds and keep a year round tan, even in the cold winter months

Since all it really takes is a little time in the sun to provide you with a golden tan, why bother with tanning beds at all you might ask. Well, there are several reasons, one of which is privacy. There is no parading around in your bathing suit while your skin is still pale from the long cold winter. Speaking of long cold winters, an added benefit of using a tanning bed is a year round tan despite the season. Since we all look better with a little color in our cheeks, this is a nice perk. Unlike direct sunlight, most tanning beds today have a controlled dosage of ultraviolet rays and the dosage you do get is spread out over several tanning bed sessions. Tanning beds are accessible. As their popularity grew, so did the salons. It is almost impossible not to find a tanning bed salon nearly anywhere that you travel.

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Tanning Bed Accessories

Protective Eyewear
I cannot overemphasize how vital it is to protect your eyes while tanning. We provide a wide range of protective eye-ware at Valley Health and Fitness, which are very effective and affordable. They are worth every penny!
Tanning Accelerators
With the help of an accelerator you can achieve a deeper, darker tan than you ever thought possible. How? When used in conjunction with indoor tanning, it actually quickens tan development. But, this isn't the only reason why it's so popular among tanners. Moist skin tans more effectively than dry skin, and tan accelerators contain melanin, which can deepen a tan after you step out of the tanning bed! At Valley Health and Fitness, we offer a wide selection of tanning products to accelerate and deepen your tan, as well as keeping your skin soft and supple.

Our Tanning Beds

Tanning year round in the Cowichan Valley

HEX II Upright Tanning System, the fastest tan under our sun!

Too busy? The HEX II starts you on the way to a great tan in just 8 to 10 minutes.
  • 8 to 10 minute sessions
  • 46 Reflector lamps
  • Remote timer
  • UL Listed, CUL Listed, a requirement in many states
  • CSA and CE Compliant