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Dieting and proper nutrition will increase quality of life

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View the basics of dieting by Joel Verbruggen
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Advanced Dieting By Joel Verbruggen.

Stage 1

Eliminate as much of the fat as possible from your diet, stock up on protein and carbohydrates instead. Remember, one gram of fat has 9 calories, whereas one gram of carbohydrates or protein only has 4 calories.

Try to space meals evenly and eat smaller meals, more often. For example six smaller meals every 2.5 hours. Protein powders and bars will help alleviate cooking too often.
  • Lean sources of protein: fish, chicken, turkey, egg whites, and Protein powder.
  • White meats are leaner, including whitefish.

Stage 2

Learn to use the Glycemic index to limit simple sugar intake, and try to maximize the amount of complex carbohydrates, and therefore low on the Glycemic index, you eat. This will limit extreme spikes in insulin levels in the blood, discouraging fat depositation and maximizing metabolic rates over long periods in the body.

Click here to view Glycemic index table , remember, low on the GI scale is better. Also remember, simple sugars are effective for raising blood sugar quickly such as after a workout.

Eat as many vegetables as you want pick fruits from the low GI category if you choose but always eat fruits and vegetables.

Other Hints

  • Never skip breakfast, and make sure you get protein in the morning.
  • Simple sugars (Gatorade, bananas, energy drinks) are good for after a workout. They also replenish electrolytes lost after sweating.
  • Always get protein before and after a workout to spare muscle tissue and boost growth hormone levels.
  • Try to limit the amount you eat just before bed, especially lots of carbohydrates.
  • Water, water, and more water.
  • Important supplements: Flaxseed Oil, Multi-Vitamins.
It is not to live but to be healthy that makes a life.