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Personal Training Consultations: Seminar For Success

Personal Training Consultations for those who want to learn the essentials of fitness training

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Personal training consultations and a full money back guarantee

Who is the seminar for?
Do you feel overwhelmed in the gym? Not sure what you are supposed to be doing next, for how long, or which way? Did you just start at the gym and haven't found your groove yet? Or been coming for a while and never felt like you really had a concrete plan to get in shape? Valley Health and Fitness is proud to offer Personal Training Consultations for those who want to learn the essentials of training for complete fitness: strength, conditioning, and flexibility, cardiovascular training are just some of the topics covered. Included is a 15 page manual, yours to keep, outlining various topics of fitness training. Below is a sample of some of the sections from this manual.
    Pg. 2 - Factors Affecting Training, Basic Principles of Training
    Pg. 3 - The Elements of Fitness
    Pg. 5 - Measuring Heart Rate and Intensity
    Pg. 6 - The Function of Muscles, Benefits of Strength Training
    Pg. 9 - Fat Burning and Conditioning
    Pg. 11 - Common Weight Loss and Conditioning Myths
    Pg. 14 - Appendix B (Anatomy and Exercise Charts)
How Do I Book a Seminar?
This one on one seminar with a trainer can be booked at almost any time convenient to you by simply visiting the front desk.

What can I expect in this Session?
A fully qualified trainer will guide you through the various steps in this one-hour seminar. The trainer will:
  1. Briefly go through the consultation manual - outlining important points. It is suggested that you read it at home in more depth.
  2. Find out about your personal background and training goals. (Think about these before you meet with your trainer for more effective results).
  3. Take you into the gym, making sure you are comfortable on any machine or doing any exercise you may need, or want, to do.
  4. Design a starter program for you based on your goals, which will set you on the right course for success!
What happens when the seminar is over?
After this seminar you will have more knowledge of basic training principles, and how they apply to you and your fitness goals.

If you find yourself in the future wanting a more detailed program, specialized dieting advice, or sport specific training, you will want to come back and hire one of our other professional Personal Trainers. Check out our Personal Training board to see which one of our Personal Trainers would best suit your needs.