Cowichan Valley workout gym located in Cobble Hill of the Cowichan Valley. Helping you lose weight and increase your fitness level

Welcome to Cowichan Valley's Biggest Loser Competition!

Follow the program and we Guarantee that you will lose between 30-100 lbs in only 12 Weeks!

Next program start date: Sept. 20, 2015 . Registration deadline: Sept. 13 2015.

The results are in!! Biggest Loser Results


If you are living in the Cowichan Valley and your are not happy with your body shape, fitness level or overall health, you are NOT alone. Illness, injury, age, stress, work, and even the time commitments of raising a family are just a few of the reasons why gaining weight can happen.

We may even haven given up on the idea we will ever have the body we want or the energy level to get off the couch after work and itís tough finding the time and motivation in a day to exercise, never mind planning and cooking the "right" meals.

For someone at home whoís made a decision to try and get in shape, where do you start?

There is so much conflicting information low fat, ow carb, diet pills, vitamin mixes, cleanses, weights, cardio, Atkins diet, Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program, Weight Watchers Program, Nutrisystem, Herbal Magic, SouthBeach, etc etc. Most of us have tried the different diets, tried a home video or two, and when they havenít worked, we blame ourselves. But the reality is diets alone donít usually work.

The BIGGEST LOSER BOOT CAMP COWICHAN VALLEY is a structured program including fitness programs, eating plans, cardio workouts, and weigh in's all packaged together with a group of Certified Personal Trainers guiding you all the way. The program includes:

  1. 12 weeks training 4 days a week with a personal trainer to push, motivate, educate and ensure you are doing the right level of workout for you.
  2. 12 weeks eating plans with modifications and adjustments that will guarantee weight loss, increase in energy and health, using real foods to burn off that extra weight.
  3. 12 weeks of cardio programs with a partner and a group done in structured programs and in several different methods to avoid overtraining and straining of joints.
  4. 12 weeks gym membership included in a relaxed facility with no attitude, stress, and lots of support.
  5. Weekly seminars on health, nutrition and supplementation to help you learn to change your habits for the rest of your life and not just the 12 structured weeks here.
  6. Weekly weigh ins with all Boot Camp participants and accountability to a team of equals and a trainer who will motivate you to want to stick to the program.
  7. Cardio and workout buddies will be assigned for off days.
  8. The Boot Camp course book and journal.
  9. Before and after pictures.
  10. Bodyfat testing and measurements every 4 weeks.
  11. Guaranteed results of 30 - 100 lbs in 12 weeks.